Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Author: Brian Hildebrandt, Last Updated: Sept. 16, 2017

If you’re considering prostate cancer treatment options at this point, you probably have a number of unanswered questions.

You may not be sure what to expect or what the future holds for you. It’s my hope I can help answer some of those questions, and make you feel more comfortable along the way.

PSA Test Results

Your PSA test results can also be a good measure to help diagnose prostate cancer. In men over the age of 40, the PSA count is used as a routine screening tool as part of your regular physical.

A PSA test is often part of a yearly prostate examination for men.

Gleason Scale

Picture and labels of prostate and other organs.

The Gleason scale is a measure of the size, shape, and aggressiveness of your prostate cancer cells, and how far it has spread.

The more virulent your cancer the more invasive the treatments.

You should be aware of the most appropriate prostate cancer treatment options with respect to your Gleason scores.

Some doctors like to get overzealous and go overboard, when a more conservative approache may work better.

Digital Prostate Exam

digital prostate exam is an important tool your doctor can use to determine any irregularities with your prostate.

Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate

If you’ve been having problems urinating, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have prostate cancer. It may just be symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Prostate Cancer Warning Signs

Once you have an enlarged prostate ruled out, you can check for any prostate cancer warning signs.

There’s some subtle differences you should be aware of, that should be treated seriously. It’s not something you want to forget about or ignore, cause it won’t go away on it’s own.

Stages of Prostate Cancer

The stages of prostate cancer can give you a good idea of your prognosis and survival rates.

Best Prostate Cancer Treatment

The best treatment for prostate cancer is largely dependent on it’s severity and rate of growth.

Depending on your test scores – hormone therapy, radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy may be warranted. With the right information in mind, your doctor may then tailor the most appropriate prostate cancer treatment for you.

Prostate Cancer Drugs

There are a number of new treatments for prostate cancer that involve medication. The most useful class of drugs for prostate cancer generally fit within the hormone spectrum (testosterone ablation therapy) or chemotherapy (systemic related cancers).

Prostate Surgery Impotence

If you're considering prostate surgery, you should be aware of the different options available to preserve sexual function both before and after surgery. For prostate surgery impotence there are a number of treatments available to regain sexual function.

Pictures of Prostate Cancer

If you've recently been diagnosed, you may want to get a handle on what the pictures of prostate cancer look like. Learning about the differences between prostate cancer types can make you a more informed and knowledgable patient.

Prostate Diagram

Picture of man getting x-rayed.

This basic prostate diagram can also give you a better idea of what you're up against.

Being able to visualize what's going on down there is a good way to become an informed patient.

Your questions and fears are warranted. Your doctor may not be an extensive fan of research and therefore may not be up to date with the latest treatment on prostate cancer.

How to Prevent Prostate Cancer

If you want to know how to prevent prostate cancer, there a number of methods you can choose such as nutritional strategies, vitamins and minerals, alternative medicine, prescription drugs, and avoiding environmental chemicals.

If you haven't developed prostate cancer yet, or even if you have, these strategies should help things along.

Survival Rate for Prostate Cancer

The survival rate for prostate cancer is luckily very high, and has among the best cure rates compared to other cancers.

Advocate For Your Treatment Options

While I believe it's best to have your doctor oversee your care, it doesn't hurt to become educated in the process. Discuss your options and make an informed choice for your prostate cancer.


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